Yearbook Wanted List - The BIG List of yearbooks searched for in the USA, the UK and Canada.

A listing of public and private school, high school, military, Alumni or college yearbooks currently wanted in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada. Additions to the yearbook wanted list are closed at the present time. The Wanted list was an experiment to see if anyone would actually find their yearbook if it was posted on a website. It actually worked for a few people. The yearbook wanted ads may be removed from the site in 2012.




1950's, Breezes, Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute yearbook from Winnipeg, MB, Canada.
Please Contact: T. Thornson.
Added: 8/2/06.


1995-2000 Saugeen District Secondary School yearbook from Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada.
Please Contact: Marcia John.
Added: 2/6/06.

1986-1988 Sir Winston Churchill High School yearbook from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.
Please Contact: Julia Miles.
Added: 11/21/06.


1978-79 Lemoyne d'Iberville High School yearbook from Longueuil, Quebec, Canada.
Please Contact: Linda Chapates.
Added: 10/21/06.

1988 Cole Secondaire Des Sources High School yearbook from Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec, Canada.
Please Contact: Milad Hatem.
Added: 3/9/06.

England / United Kingdom

1992-1993 Lakenheath American High School yearbook from Lakenheath AFB, Lakenheath, England.
Please Contact: Rob Symczak.
Added: 2/1/06.


1982-1984 Hanau American High School yearbook from Hanau, Germany.
The schools' location is Hanau, Germany. Most of my yearbooks were from schools overseas and it has been difficult finding them.
Please Contact: Sorvy Leon-Bonet.
Added: 11/21/07.

1990 Frankfurt All American Middle School yearbook from Frankfurt, Germany.
This yearbook is very thin and its black. It says 1990 on the front.
Please Contact: Dani Perretti-Tanner.
Added: 11/21/07.

1996 Heidelberg High School yearbook from Heidelberg, Germany.
Please Contact: Jeremiah Marshall.
Added: 12/24/07.


1976-1977 Batangas National High School yearbook from Batangas City, Philippines.
Please Contact: Medz.
Added: 3/28/06.

Yearbooks Wanted in the United States.