Minnesota Yearbooks Wanted.

A listing of Minnesota public and private school, high schools, military, Alumni or college yearbooks currently Wanted to Buy. Additions to the yearbook wanted list are closed at the present time.



1941 & 1942 Humboldt High School yearbook from St. Paul, MN.
Please Contact: Janis Hollaway.
Added: 7/15/07.

1950 Beacon, Canton High School yearbook from Canton, MN.
Please Contact: Missy Pierre.
Added: 12/31/06.

1951 Bemidji High School yearbook from Bemidji, MN.
Please Contact: Jennifer Jones.
Added: 11/19/06.

1958-1961, Sagatagan, St. Johns University yearbook from Collegeville, MN.
Must be in good condition.
Please Contact: Melinda Hohn.
Added: 7/5/06.

1965 & 1966 Oltman or Park Junior High School yearbook from St. Paul Park, MN.
I am looking for both the 1965 & 66 yearbooks from both schools.
Please Contact: Richard L. Hayes.
Added: 8/22/06.

1965 West High School yearbook from Minneapolis, MN.
The school is not there any more.
Please Contact: Marlene (Rose) York.
Added: 11/19/06.

1966 or 1967 Wells High School yearbook from Wells, MN.
Please Contact: Allyson Segar.
Added: 8/22/06.

1968-1970 Watchung Hills Regional High School yearbook from Red Wing, MN.
Please Contact: Gary Thomforde.
Added: 7/15/07.

1969 Bemidji High School yearbook from Bemidji, MN.
Please Contact: Breanna Frederixon.
Added: 12/31/06.

1970, 1971, 1972, Zenith, Central High School yearbook from Duluth, MN.
Please Contact: Elizabeth Olson.
Added: 7/5/06.

1970 Milaca High School yearbook from Milaca, MN.
Please Contact: Rick Huntzicker.
Added: 3/1/06.

1980/1981 Johanna Middle School yearbook from Roseville, MN.
I lost this yearbook a long time ago, due to all the moving that I've done. If anyone could find this particular yearbook for me, I would really appreciate it.
Please Contact: Sarah Van Vlake.
Added: 1/23/06.

1982 The Polaris, Minneapolis North High School yearbook from Minneapolis, MN.
I believe it is a white book. It is to replace my mother's.
Please Contact: Norm Betland.
Added: 11/19/06.

1983, Bengalore, Blaine Senior High School yearbook from Blaine, MN.
Please Contact: Marie Rock James.
Added: 3/9/06.

1983-1984 Wadena Elementary School yearbook from Wadena, MN.
Please Contact: Rachel Himes.
Added: 8/22/06.

1984-1987 Bemidji High School yearbook from Bemidji, MN.
Yearbook from the Old High School.
Please Contact: Natasja Hostetter (Brech).
Added: 1/24/06.

1984 Rosemount High School yearbook from Rosemount, MN.
Please Contact: Tammy.
Added: 12/31/06.

1985, Aerie, Apple Valley High School yearbook from Apple Valley, MN.
Please Contact: kwkoons.
Added: 7/15/07.

1986 elk river High School yearbook from elk river, MN.
Please Contact: Brian Anderson.
Added: 04/18/07.

1992-1996 Eden Lake Elementary School yearbook from Eden Prairie, MN.
My yearbooks from Elementary school were so beat up I threw them away. But I would buy new or gently used ones to replace them if I could.
Please Contact: Jeff Leppart.
Added: 7/5/06.

1992 Osseo Senior High School yearbook from Osseo, MN.
Please Contact: Marne Brothers.
Added: 3/2/06.

1994-1997 Tartan High School yearbook from Oakdale, MN.
looking for tartan high yearbooks any and all.
Please Contact: justin.
Added: 11/25/07.

1997 Whittier Community School for the Arts Elementary School yearbook from Minneapolis, MN.
Please Contact: Rogandia Harris.
Added: 8/22/06.

1998 Brooklyn Center High School yearbook from Brooklyn Center, MN.
Please Contact: Stacy Seeman.
Added: 12/24/07.

1998-1999 Crosby Ironton High School yearbook from Crosby, MN.
Please Contact: Nicole Rodemeyer.
Added: 12/24/07.

2004 St Anthony Village High School yearbook from St Anthony, MN.
Please Contact: J. Tanning.
Added: 9/3/06.


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