Yearbook Wanted List - Kentucky Yearbooks Wanted.

A listing of Kentucky public and private school, high schools, military, Alumni or college yearbooks currently Wanted to Buy. Additions to the yearbook wanted list are closed at the present time.



1950 thru 1961 Linton Grade School yearbook from Linton or Cadiz, KY.
I attended Linton Grade School for 8 yrs. I am trying to find some of the old Year Books or if there is some anyway so I can get copies of them. My late sister attended the school and so did my brothers. I am living in S.C. now and would sure like to find some of the books from 1950 thru 1961. Thank You. Joyce Dunning.
Please Contact: Joyce Dunning.
Added: 1/30/06.

1950-51 McKell High School yearbook from South Shore, KY.
There is a picture of all the boys on the steps of the high school steps all wearing there suit and ties and my father in the middle wearing bib overhalls. This is the only time he was ever in a year book. Please help me find one.
Please Contact: Terenia Foster.
Added: 12/31/06.

1954 Henry Clay High School yearbook from Lexington, KY.
Willing to buy in any form, condition, etc. i.e. cd rom, photocopy, email photos etc.
Please Contact: Bee.
Added: 04/11/07.

1957, Bulldogs?, Clinton County High School yearbook from Albany, KY.
My mother graduated class of 1957. Her name was Carlee Smith. She couldn't afford a yearbook at the time and has regretted it ever since. The schools mascot was the Bulldogs.
Please Contact: Diana Sanders.
Added: 7/3/07.

1963 Geronimo, 1st Airborne Battle Group, 501st Infantry yearbook from Fort Campbell, KY.
Please Contact: Butch Massie.
Added: 12/4/06.

1965 Ashland Sr. High School yearbook from Ashland, KY.
Please Contact: Sherri Brown.
Added: 12/29/05.

1965-1968 and 1986 Dixie Heights High School yearbook from Crestview Hlls, KY.
Please Contact: Lara Komon.
Added: 11/21/07.

1966, The Floyd Countean (Countian), Betsy Layne High School yearbook from Betsy Layne, KY.
Please Contact: Ellen.
Added: 7/3/07.

1969 Evarts High School yearbook from Evarts, KY.
Please Contact: roger hill.
Added: 11/21/07.

1969 Inez High School yearbook from Inez, KY.
Please Contact: Willie Carter.
Added: 3/23/06.

1975 Estill County High School yearbook from Irvine, KY.
Please Contact: Deana Flannery.
Added: 8/13/06.

1979-1983 Tigers, Mullins Tigers, Mullins High School yearbook from Pikeville, KY.
I'm looking for my Yearbook...for mullins high school 1979, 1980, 1981, 1983, 1983 ....
Please Contact: Sherry Boyd.
Added: 11/21/07.

1979-1981 Robinson Creek Elementary School yearbook from Robinson Creek, KY.
Please Contact: Stella Bartley.
Added: 9/27/07.

1980-1989 Madison High School yearbook from Richmond, KY.
Please Contact: Nettie Gilbert.
Added: 10/3/07.

1981 Lowes High School yearbook from Lowes, KY.
Please Contact: Butch Wood.
Added: 12/4/06.

1983-1984 Georgetown Middle School yearbook from Georgetown, KY.
Please Contact: Joe Mineer
Added: 10/3/07.

1985 East Hardin High School yearbook from Glendale, KY.
Would like to find a copy of the 1985 East Hardin Rebels yearbook. I lost my copy in a house fire several years ago.
Please Contact: Lisa Johnson.
Added: 2/1/06.

1987-1991 Marion C Moore High School yearbook from Louisville, KY.
Please Contact: Danny Todd.
Added: 12/20/07.

1988-1991 Lewis County High School yearbook from Vanceburg, KY.
Please Contact: Reana Dummitt.
Added: 5/25/06.

1989 Mullins High School yearbook from Pikeville, KY.
Please Contact: Dwayne Hunter.
Added: 04/11/07.

1992-1994 Bracken County High School yearbook from Brooksville, KY.
Please Contact: April.
Added: 8/13/06.

1995-1998 Henderson County High School yearbook from Henderson, KY.
If you have any of these years from Henderson County High School, or North or South Junior High Schools from 1994 or 95, I would love to buy one of them! Thanks!
Please Contact: Christina.
Added: 1/3/06.

1996-2000 Holmes High School yearbook from Covington, KY.
Please Contact: Michelle Bowman.
Added: 04/11/07.

1997 - 2000 North Hardin High School yearbook from Radcliff, KY.
Please Contact: Leslie Edlin.
Added: 12/25/05.

1999 North Hardin High School yearbook from Radcliff, KY.
Please Contact: Amanda Woosley.
Added: 10/3/07.

2000 Trigg County High School yearbook from Cadiz, KY.
Please Contact: Martha.
Added: 8/13/06.

2001-2005 Clark Middle School yearbook from Winchester, KY.
Please Contact: Ashley Gilbert.
Added: 4/26/06.

2002 Cumberland Elementary School yearbook from Cumberland, KY.
Please Contact: katie.
Added: 11/21/07.


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