Arkansas Yearbooks Wanted.

A listing of Arkansas public and private school, high schools, military, Alumni or college yearbooks currently Wanted to Buy. Additions to the yearbook wanted list are closed at the present time.



1947 - 1952 Lincoln High School yearbook from Forrest City, AR.
Unsure of the years. I am looking for Griggs, Guests and McDowells.
Please Contact: Brenda Billins.
Added: 9/10/06.

1953 The Pix, Little Rock Central High School yearbook from Little Rock, AR.
I'm looking for a 1953 Pix from Little Rock Central High for my mother -- she lost hers in a fire years ago and I want to replace it for her.
Please Contact: Kimberly Erstine.
Added: 12/24/07.

1957 thru 1967 Oil Trough High School yearbook from Oil Trough, AR.
Please Contact: Rosa Brown.
Added: 8/17/06.

1958 Central High School yearbook from Little Rock, AR.
I am looking for a 1958 Central High Little Rock, Arkansas, year book that belonged to Linda Vines. Please notify me should this turn up. Thank you.
Please Contact: Brooke Vines.
Added: 12/25/05.

1961 Springdale High School yearbook from Springdale, AR.
Please Contact: Bonnie Lawson.
Added: 4/8/06.

1962, The Derrick, Smackover High School yearbook from Smackover, AR.
Please Contact: Alice Baggett.
Added: 3/20/06.

1963 Dequeen High School yearbook from Dequeen, AR.
I am trying to replace a yearbook that was lost for a loved one.
Please Contact: Susan Hill.
Added: 7/12/06.

1965-1966 oil trough High School yearbook from oil trough, AR.
Please Contact: rosa brown.
Added: 06/5/07.

1967 and 1968 Filler High School yearbook from Little Rock, AR.
I am willing to pay a decent price for these 2 year books for my Dad. He went to this high school in the years specified. If anyone has some information where I can obtain them for a good price, please email me. Thank you.
Please Contact: Sherry

1968 Northside High School yearbook from Ft. Smith, AR.
Please Contact: Lacey.
Added: 7/23/07.

1970 Forrest City High School yearbook from Forrest City, AR.
Please Contact: Rita Walker.
Added: 10/20/06.

1970-1971 Mills High School yearbook from Little Rock, AR.
Please Contact: Ann Rice.
Added: 5/21/06.

1970 North Little Rock High School yearbook from North Little Rock, AR.
There was an end of the year supplement or insert that has my picture in it. I only want the 1970 NLRHS Yearbook with the insert or supplement. Thanks!
Please Contact: David Wilson.
Added: 7/12/06.

1976 Harrison Senior High School yearbook from Harrison, AR.
Please Contact: Edward Clopp.
Added: 9/6/06.

1978-1981 Ashdown High School and Ashdown Junior High School yearbooks from Ashdown, AR.
Please Contact: Bubba Norris.
Added: 3/20/06.

1979 Fayetteville High School yearbook from Fayetteville, AR.
My wife has lost her books due to personal tragedy.
Please Contact: Robert Evans.
Added: 1/11/06.

1984-1988 Ashdown High School yearbook from Ashdown, AR.
Please Contact: Chasy Hickman.
Added: 10/20/06.

1985 Sloan-Hendrix High School yearbook from Imboden, AR.
I am wanting to purchase any yearbook for Sloan-Hendrix from 1975 to 1986.
Please Contact: Sheila Jones Bean.
Added: 8/17/06.

1989-2001 Yellville-Summit High School yearbook from Yellville, AR.
Please Contact: Amber Johnson.
Added: 3/1/06.

1990-1991 Bruin, Sylvan Hills High School yearbook from Sherwood, AR.
I am looking for the 1990 and 1991 Sylvan Hills High School yearbooks. I especially would like 1991.
Please Contact: Shuanta Broadway.
Added: 12/30/05.

1995-2000 Benton Middle School yearbook from Benton, AR.
Please Contact: Tonya Hamby.
Added: 2/11/06.

2006 University of Pine Bluff at Arkansas yearbook from Pine Bluff, AR.
Please Contact: Keyonta Ento.
Added: 06/5/07.


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