A Tutorial To Help You Find Your Yearbook by posting a Want It Now ad on

This is the fourth tutorial of this continuing series I have written to help you in your quest of finding a yearbook on the Internet. It's a commercial advertisement that might work for you in your yearbook search, but will depend on if a seller sees your Want It Now ad for the particular yearbook you seek.

This is a pretty good method to request your yearbook or anything else you would like. I sell on myself and I'm allways looking for new items to sell, so I frequently look in the Want It Now section to see what people want and then create an auction to sell the item. If you list your yearbook in the Want It Now section of the site, a seller may find your yearbook and put it up for auction and then you can buy it. The ads are free, last for about 60 days and you can renew them for free also. You can use that to your advantage to help find your yearbook.

Using Want It Now.

  1. You must be a registered user of eBay to use the Want It Now feature. Registration is free. If you are not a registered user you can

  2. Now that you registered you can go to the Want It Now section of eBay to post your ad for the yearbook you want.

  3. If you are already a registered user of eBay you can go directly to the Want It Now section to post your ad:

  4. Click the Blue "Post To Want It Now" button for buyers.

  5. In the dialog box marked "I am searching for" put in the year, school name, city, state and, of course, the word "yearbook" to let people know just exactly the yearbook you want.

  6. Select the Category from the drop down dialog box. Either select a category from this box, or below the Category dialog box is a link: "specify a category number". Here are some good Categories below with the category number next to it. You can click the link and enter a number from below or choose your own. There are many different Categories to post your ad. I would try these Categories: Books > Nonfiction Books (Category number #378) OR Collectibles> Historical Memorabilia> Schools> High Schools (Category number #39727) OR Collectibles> Historical Memorabilia> Schools> Colleges, Universities (Category number #39726). Those sections have other yearbooks in them now. It seems a safe bet that that is where most people would browse. A quick look revealed that the Books > Nonfiction Books (Category number #378) section has the most yearbooks listed in the Want It Now section.

  7. Now you can "Describe it in more detail" in the box provided.

  8. You can add a photo from your hard drive if you like. It's optional.

  9. Click the "Post to Want It Now" Button.

  10. A confirmation page appears congratulating you for the successful Want It Now post.

  11. That's it! Now wait for someone to list the yearbook or item you seek and the auction will automatically be emailed to you by eBay. If you would like to create an additional Want It Now post, simply follow step 4 of this page and repeat as necessary.

  12. Finally, don't forget to use the "Sign Out" button on the top of the page.


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