A simple tutorial to help find a yearbook on eBay.

This is the first guide or tutorial I have written to help you find your yearbook on the Internet. It's a commercial advertisement that might work for you in your yearbook search, but will depend on if a seller has listed the particular yearbook you seek on the website. This technique works with all types of High School, College or Military yearbooks, as well as many other items that you might be looking for. By searching for the yearbook you want on different websites, the likelihood of you finding your yearbook will increase substantially.

Search The Auction Sites.

One never knows when a seller will list an item. It could be today, tomorrow, a week or a month. The important thing is that you have an active search running to help you find your yearbook. I understand you can't spend all day looking for your old yearbook, so here's a procedure for using what I believe to be the largest auction site on the internet ( ) effectively to help you. I'll start with them because I've sold there and it's the site I know the most about. Other sites will come later as I become more informed in their use.

  1. The link above opens to a registration page on eBay. Registration is free. You will need to Register first and get a user name, a password and then verify your information by your email address.

  2. Now that you are logged in, you can do your search for the book you seek and be able to save it to your account. First, click in the search box located on the top of the eBay page, usually just below the logo when you are signed in.

  3. Enter the book you seek, but be a little VAGUE about it; for example, instead of "1955 Conway High School yearbook from Conway, MO", try "Conway, MO yearbook" or "1955 Conway, MO yearbook" or any type of variation of words that will describe the item you want.

  4. If you found your yearbook in the search results, Congratulations! Bid on it or buy it now. If not, read on.
    Above the search results and under the search box will be a number of how many items matched your search. Right after this line of text will be a link: "Save this search". This link is very useful to your yearbook search and it will be used to have your search emailed to you when the item you seek is listed.

  5. Click on the "Save this search" link. In the "Save this Search" window that opens, the "Name this search" textbox will have the search query you typed. You can leave the same words you used for your search query. This will be used as a title for the search and you will allways know what you typed in for that search.
    VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure the check box next to the text "Email me daily when new items match my search for:" is selected. Also, select the amount of time you would like to search (I think 6 months is automatically selected, but you can choose up to a year).

  6. Click on the "Save" button and that's it! Now wait for someone to list the yearbook or item you seek and the auction will automatically be emailed to you by eBay. If you would like to create an additional Search Email, go back to step 3 of this page and repeat as necessary.

  7. Finally, don't forget to use the "Sign Out" button on the top of the page.


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