A simple tutorial to help find a yearbook on

This is the third guide I have written to help find a yearbook on the Internet. It's a commercial advertisement that might work for you in your yearbook search, but will depend on if a seller has listed the particular yearbook you seek on the website. This technique works with all types of High School, College or Military yearbooks, as well as other types of rare books that you might be looking for. You will have to sign up with to create your Want list. There is no charge to create a Want or to signup with After the Want is created you will be emailed whenever the book is found. What is neat about creating a Want is that you are allowed up to 500 Wants, so if you are looking for variations in a book title or subject or other criteria, it can be done.

Searching for your yearbook and Creating a Want or Wishlist.

  1. The link above opens to the main page of Biblio. On the very top left of the page is a "Welcome" heading and below that is a "Register for Free" Link. Click on the link to create an account. Registration is free. You will need to Register first to get a user name and a password.

  2. Now that you are logged in, you can do your search for the book you seek. It's recommended that you do a search first so the Want or Wishlist you create can be saved to your account - it makes it much easier to save later.

  3. Below the "search for books" heading on the left, are several subject fields that you can search by. Some of these include: By Author, By Title, By Keywords or ISBN. For my test of the site I choose the "Keywords" field. I tried "high school yearbook". I received many pages to search through as a result. You might want to search by year, city or state or any variation that you can think of. Try some different keywords that are relevant to your particular yearbook search.

  4. If you found your yearbook in the search results, Congratulations! Click on the "Add To Cart" link and follow the instructions provided to purchase your books. If not, read on.
    At the top of the search results, next to the word "Tools" you will see this link: "Add to my Want List". This link is very useful to your book search and it will be used to have your search emailed to you when the book you seek is listed. When you select this link, it will create the Want for the query you have just searched for on the site.

  5. That's it! Now wait for someone to list the yearbook you seek and it will be automatically emailed to you by Biblio. If you would like to create an additional Search Email, fill in the fields of the search box, which is located below your current want list.

  6. Finally, don't forget to use the "Logout" button on the right side of the page.


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