A simple tutorial to help find a yearbook on Abebooks.

This is the second guide I have written to help find a yearbook on the Internet. It's a commercial advertisement that might work for you in your yearbook search, but will depend on if a seller has listed the particular yearbook you seek on the website. This technique works with all types of High School, College or Military yearbooks, as well as other types of books that you might be looking for. You will have to Register with to create the automated email for the book you are seeking (called a Want on the Abebooks site). There is no charge to create a Want or to Register with Abebooks. After the Want is created you will be emailed whenever the book is found. What is neat about creating a Want is that you are allowed up to 500 Wants, so if you are looking for variations in a book title, subject or other criteria, it can be done.

Searching Abebooks for your yearbook and Creating a Want.

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  1. Above is a search box for the website. The site offers many yearbooks for sale as well as many other different types of books. There are booksellers from all over the world. Follow the directions below to create your want on For my example search, I have choosen the Keyword field and my search was for "ct yearbook".

  2. The page that opens shows results for your search query. If you see your yearbook in the search results, click the "Add to Basket" link and follow the instructions provided to purchase your book.

  3. If you didn't find your book, on the bottom of the Abebooks page, just after the search results, is a "Create a Want" link. This link is very useful to your book search and it will be used to have your search emailed to you when the book you seek is listed. When you select this link, it will create a Want for the book you have just searched for on the site and give you other options for you to search by.

  4. Click on the link to create a want and to either sign in or register if you have never been to the site before. You will need to sign in or register first to be able to save your search as a Want and have it emailed to you when the book you seek is found.

  5. Now that you are logged into the site, the search page to set up your want appears, prefilled with your search query.

  6. The search box has several subject fields that you can choose. Some of these include: Author, Title, Keywords and Publisher. For my previously mentioned test of the site I choose the "KEYWORD" field. I tried "ct yearbook". The results I received from the site were numerous - remember, this site has booksellers from all over the world. You might want to search by year, city or state or any variation of words that describe your yearbook that you can think of. You also may want to refine your search query - try some keywords that will help you in your yearbook search. For the search I did above, there are many different variations to search by. Here are some examples:

    Connecticut School Yearbook
    Connecticut High School Yearbook
    CT High School Yearbook
    Conn High School Yearbook

  7. Select the options you prefer, then click the "Add Want" button. That's it! Now wait for someone to list the yearbook you seek and it will be automatically emailed to you by Abebooks. If you would like to create an additional Search Email (Want), go back to step 6 of this page and repeat as necessary.

  8. Finally when you are done, don't forget to use the "Sign Off" button on the very top of the page.

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